About NetApp Innovation Day 2019

In today's economic environment, enterprises have learned that innovation, though risky, is one of the surest paths to growth. Innovation is a learning process by which organizations discover and implement new ways to use their existing technology. By innovating, enterprises can operate more efficiently and better align their IT and business goals. CIOs and other top IT executives play a vital role in creating enterprise innovation programs that deliver both short- and long-term benefits. Over time, as innovation becomes “business as usual," it's necessary to refresh and revitalize the innovation process, and be prepared to deal with the organizational obstacles that accompany it.

‘Innovation’ and ‘Disruption’ are helping enterprises attain their next level of growth milestones. But IT teams of enterprises often find themselves juggling to seamlessly integrate the tools like data analytics, mobility, cloud computing, shared services and social listening. This is where the technology leaders step in through their new strategic thinking which gels with the future business requirements.

The NetApp Innovation Awards 2019 salutes and honour these fine IT leaders who have demonstrated innovative traits and helped their companies achieve the set goals.