Award Categories

Green IT Award

Participants that have implemented innovative IT products/services to minimize the impact on the environment. These may include may include initiatives undertaken to reduce power usage, carbon emissions, use of sustainable energy, recycling practices etc.

Big Data Innovation Award

Participants that have implemented innovative technology solutions to enhance business intelligence through the use of Big Data.

Cloud computing innovation Award

Participants that have implemented cloud computing solutions as a platform to improve use of existing infrastructure which has resulted in an increase in efficiency levels.

Enterprise Mobility Award

Participants that have implemented technology led innovations that enable mobile devices to be used for connecting with suppliers, partners, employees, or customers irrespective of their location. These initiatives could have been used for social engagement, marketing activities, sales , increase productivity, collaboration etc

Start-Up Award

Start-Ups that have made innovative use of IT and embraced technology in their organization that has helped them grow at a rapid pace and attain competitive edge in the market.

Data Visionary Award

Participants that have looked at data holistically and not siloes to draw a unified vision of data driven their business can be using technology.