About NetApp Innovation Day 2018
Planting the start-up gene in Enterprise IT: accelerating Innovation

Enterprises are treading the road to growth at a pace that is quite unimaginable. The growth path also includes embracing technologies. Newer companies are accelerating this wave through innovation and disruption.These are the days of disruption, as organizations seek to hone their competitive edge. Thus the higher emphasis on marketing, integrated supply chains, cloud compute, mobility, analytics and social listening and shared services and consolidation. However all too often, IT teams struggle to integrate these initiatives with their legacy stacks--whose slow, inflexible, complex and siloed nature often dooms the best of intentions and becomes a barrier to extract value from enterprise data.

So what can technology leaders do to change this paradigm?

Of course, it will involve harnessing the cloud and analytics. It will be about melding modern front-ends to what exists at the core. And, this is always going to be about nurturing a hybrid environment that blends control, security and data integrity with increased efficiency, improved IT responsiveness and accelerated innovation.

But it will require more.

It will require a new way of strategic thinking that builds IT capabilities by anticipating future business requirements. It will require practical governance that remains open to new technologies and new revenue opportunities. It will require not just a plan but a blueprint that remains alive to the dynamism that business expects. It will require tracking the right metrics (not operational KPIs) to quantify the business value of IT investments. It will require communicating the value of what IT brings in simple and succinct terms.

This means developing business foresight and rethinking, ground up what you stand for.

The Netapp InnovationAwards 2018 will honor those IT leaders who have demonstrated these traits and helped their business achieve the set goals.